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Eclipse + Ruptured Engines

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Premise: A Ship moving at speed 2, overlaps SSD with Eclipse Title. Upon moving to its final position, it resolves the affects of the overlap, which in this case is a face up damage card from the eclipse title. The ship in question receives a Ruptured Engine. Does the Speed 2 ship now suffer 1 damage from ruptured engines after the maneuver is completed. Breakdown in the rules:

1. RRG 1.5 Says in its final sentence about overlapping "If a ship overlaps another ship while moving, it has not executed its maneuver until it resolves the effects of overlapping that other ship, including being dealt damage cards.

2. Ruptured Engines reads "After you execute a maneuver..."

The ship receives the damage card during the execute maneuver phase, then after the execute maneuver phase the now present damage card checks to see if the maneuver was executed with a speed greater than 1.

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You analysis is correct.

If an enemy ship overlaps a ship with the Eclipse title it is dealt a faceup damage card before that maneuver ended.

If that faceup damage card's effect is one that triggers after the ship executes a maneuver, so long as all other conditions of that faceup damage card have been meet, the effect of that faceup damage card would be resolved.

Currently this only applies to the Ruptured Engine card.

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