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How many aims would need to be spent when a unit with gunslinger uses the longshot keyword?

Based on the wording of longshot from the rulebook:
During the Declare Defenders step, after declaring an enemy unit as the defending unit but before measuring range, a unit with a weapon with the Longshot X keyword may spend up to X aim tokens to increase the maximum range of that weapon by 1 for each aim token spent in this way

For Gunslinger:
When a unit with the Gunslinger keyword reaches the Declare Additional Defender step, it may declare an additional defender and create an attack pool consisting solely of a ranged weapon that has already been contributed to another attack pool. The Gunslinger keyword can only be used once per attack sequence.

The Longshot keyword seems to change the weapon profile not the actual attack that is being made. As currently written for the attack longshot does not have an end point on being applied to the weapon as the attack is being resolved.

With gunslinger it is stated that an additional defender be declared, if longshot is no longer active at this point you would be unable to declare a unit at range 3 as a defender as there is no chance to spend the additional aim?

Along with this due to Gunslinger stating to use a weapon that has "already contribuited" and longshot effecting the weapon would the second gunslinger pool not use the current longshotted weapon profile? Because if the range was decreased for the second attack pool would that not make it a different weapon?

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Hi there,

If an aim token is spent to improve the range of a weapon using the Long Shot keyword, that weapon's range will be improved until the end of that attack sequence. This does mean that, if the unit also has the Gunslinger keyword, it may use that keyword during the Declare Additional Defender step to form another attack pool against another unit using the improved range of that weapon without spending a second aim token to do so. This will be made more clear in a future update.


On 12/14/2023 at 1:03 PM, Edac_Plays said:

How many aims would need to be spent when a unit with gunslinger uses the longshot keyword?

One aim token, when spent for Long Shot when forming the first attack pool, will improve the range of the weapon for both attack pools.

Hope this helps,

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