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Teamwork and infinite tokens

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The CRB entry for Teamwork: Unit Name reads as follows: "When a unit with the Teamwork keyword is at range 1–2 of a friendly unit that has the unit name specified by the Teamwork keyword, if either unit gains an aim token or a dodge token, the other unit gains a token of the same type”

Based on RAW, what stops this from generating an infinite loop of tokens?  As it’s written, assuming the conditions are met, when Unit A gains an aim, this triggers Teamwork, allowing unit B to gain an aim, which would then trigger Teamwork on unit A and send an aim back to A, and so on. 

It seems clear to me that this isn’t Rules as Intended, and isn’t how it worked in the previous rules (iirc, the Teamwork keyword specified it only worked on the first one). Can we get some forum clarification? Thanks!!


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When one unit with Teamwork gains an aim or dodge token, the other will gain a (single, one) token of the same type.

Which is to say, it will not then loop back to the original unit. It will generate one matching token for the named Teamwork unit. End of process!

Hope this helps,

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