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ISF Loadout card Ambush Timing.

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The card says that when a friendly Imperial Special Forces Captain or Imperial Special Forces Trooper is placed on the battlefield, it gains 1 aim or dodge token. Under the Covert Deploy rules, during any End Step of the game, a player who controls a unit with Covert Deploy may reveal its order token and deploy a unit of the corresponding Rank at 10” of the revealed token.   My question is why gain an aim or dodge token at the end step if it’s to be removed? Am I missing the timing of how covert deploy works? 

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Hi there,

Units are revealed using Covert Deploy during the End Phase - this can be at any point during that phase as a specific step of the End Phase is not named. In this instance, it definitely would behoove the Imperial Special Forces to do so following the Remove Tokens step, so that they have their aim or dodge token for the following round!

Hope this helps,

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