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Trained in Your Jedi Arts and Reckless Diversion interaction

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Does Reckless Diversion limit the targets Grievous can attack with Trained in Your Jedi Arts?

The example being if these command cards are played, and Grievous dives into an area where he has enemy units with faceup order tokens and enemies without faceup order tokens, can Grievous use the Trained in your Jedi Arts attack against the enemy units without faceup order tokens in addition to the enemy units with faceup order tokens?

Thank you

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The Reckless Diversion command card forces enemy units to attack affected units if able. As such, General Grievous would have to declare attacks against such units before moving on to other units without a faceup order token. As attacks are performed against units with faceup orders tokens, he will become unable to attack the Reckless Diversion units (as he already attacked them once!) - at this point he may declare and resolve further attacks against other enemy units.

Hope this helps,

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