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With the reveal of Delta Squad’s unit card, the unique dot is in front of their name not title. Is it intended that you can only take one Clone Commando squad if you take Delta Squad? Or you can only take one Delta Squad Clone Commando unit + 2 generic Clone Commando units. 

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Hi there,

As described in the Unique and Limited entry, "...the number of bullets indicates the maximum number of unique and limited cards a player can field that share the same name." Units that do not have bullets in front of their name are not unique and limited, and so will not contribute to this maximum number of unique and limited units that can be fielded sharing the same name.

You may include one unit of Clone Commandos - Delta Squad, as it has one bullet before its name, in addition to as many Clone Commandos as you like (points and rank requirements permitting!).

Hope this helps,

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