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The backside of the Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion states "The Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion contains four unpainted, finely sculpted soft plastic Phase I Clone Trooper miniatures to enhance your existing Phase I Clone Trooper units or to form one corps unit. [...]"

The Upgrade Expansion pack happens to contain an corps order token and an unit card for Phase I Clone Troopers.

Would it be tournament legal to field a Phase I Clone Troopers corps unit composed of those four minis in the upgrade expansion pack - if I opt to equip all four minis with the DC-15A Blaster Rifles provided in the casting frame (instead of the heay upgrades)?

If yes - does the same legality apply to the B1 Upgrade Expansion pack (provided I add two surplus standard B1-troopers from my non-upgrade B1-Droid-unit-packs)?

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Yes, all four Upgrade Expansions may be assembled and used as "standard" miniatures in their matching Corps unit. In order to achieve this, the Upgrade Expansions do have the components available to assemble the Heavy Weapon miniatures with their standard weaponry instead!

Hope this helps,

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