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Eta-2 Anakin Bump Focus Clarification

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Eta-2 Anakin's ability reads:
"After you or a friendly Obi-Wan Kenobi ship at range 0-3 executes a maneuver, if there are more enemy ships than other friendly ships at range 0-1 of that ship, you may spend 1 (force). If you do, that ship removes 1 red token of your choice. "

If Eta-2 Anakin bumps into an enemy ship and performs a red Focus using the new overlap rules, can he then use his ability to remove the stress from the red Focus?

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Yes, ETA-2 Anakin's ability can be used to remove the stress gained from performing the red focus action after overlapping only enemy ships.

The timing of the Red Focus is after the "Check Difficulty" step, meaning the stress is gained during the executing a Maneuver step, with Anakin's ability then triggering "after executing a maneuver".

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