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Drop-Seat Bay Clarification

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Seeking clarification for the potential drop directions of a Gauntlet with Drop-Seat Bay and a Nite Owl/etc Commando team upgrade. By default, the Commandos can only be dropped with a 1-straight from a ship's front or rear guides.

Drop-Seat Bay reads:

"If you would drop a (crew) remote using a (straight) template, you may use a bank (left) or (right) template of the same speed instead and can align that template's middle line with the hashmark on your ship's left or right side instead of your rear guides."

Does this allow the Commandos to be dropped with a 1-bank out the front/rear, as well as a 1-straight out the sides?

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By default the commando's can only be dropped with a 1 straight from the ships rear guides. The following text on the card "You can place that device using the front or rear guides" refers to the front and rear guides of the commando token not the ships front or rear guides. Abilities that allow for something to be placed using a ships front templates use the key word "Launch" not drop.

But following on from there Drop-Seat Bay expand the options available. It allows the player to use the 1-bank template instead of a one straight (thus allowing the 1 bank use with the rear guides) as well as allowing the player to align that one 1 bank template to the left/right hash marks if they wish. The alignment to the left/right hash marks is dependant on the player choosing to use the 1 bank template instead of the 1 straight.

So to sum up the options when you combine the various Commando upgrades with Drop-Seat Bay it allows you to use the following combinations.

  • Rear Guide - 1 Straight or 1 Bank
  • Left/Right Hash marks - 1 Bank only
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