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Hidden units, multi-wound thresholds, and suffering wounds

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A unit of wookiee warriors has one model visible to the attacking unit. Said model has one wound token on it. 

The attacker rolls 3 hit rolls, the wookiee unit rolls no defense saves. How many wounds can the wookiee unit take? 2, since that's all the wounds remaining on the wounded unit, or 3, since that is the visible miniature's wound threshhold, thus requiring a unit not in LOS to receive a wound?

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Hello, Dwit,

The wound threshold is the printed value on the unit or upgrade card, as defined on pages 7 & 8.

If a single Wookiee Warrior is visible, its unit is eligible to suffer 3 wounds from that attack, as the visible minis have a total wound threshold of 3. The number of wound tokens presently on any visible minis does not affect the total wound threshold of miniatures that are in LOS.

Hope this helps,

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