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With Arsenal X, can you declare a defender and form an attack pool with a weapon that would be eligible after the first attack is resolved?

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Sorry for the long title!

Is it possible to form an attack pool with a weapon that would be usable after a different attack resolves?

For example, if I'm playing Din and engaged with a single model while at range 1 of a different unit, would it be possible to use Arsenal and form an attack pool with the spear targeting the unit I'm engaged with and form an attack pool targeting the unit outside of the engagement? 

Then when you execute the attacks, you would use the spear first, hopefully killing the single model and ending the engagement which would allow the flamethrower to be used. If the model wasn't able to be killed then the attack would resolve with only 1 weapon being used as the flamethrower doesn't have versatile.

Thanks for the assistance!

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No. Note the Engaged entry on Page 26:


"An engaged unit cannot perform moves, form attack pools containing ranged weapons, and cannot be targeted by attack
pools containing ranged weapons."

Din Djarin would have to not be engaged when declaring defenders to be able to allocate a ranged weapon to an attack pool on another target.

Hope this helps,

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