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  1. Say that the unit can do an additional attack (like via Gunslinger). If it spends an aim to get +1 range via long shot 1 on the first attack, does the increased range remain for subsequent attacks? Long shot is "while attacking"
  2. When a mini with small or incognito comes into standby range of an enemy unit that is on standy, does standby trigger?
  3. Hi. When a comms technician is defeated, does the unit lose the comms upgrade attached to it immediately?
  4. Hello. When a unit uses compel on another unit, can that unit perform it's one action to do something else(e.g. aim or dodge) before moving? Or the move from compel must be immediately after the rally step. "After a trooper unit at range 1–2 of a friendly unit with the compel keyword performs its “Rally” step, if that trooper unit is suppressed but is not panicked, it may gain 1 suppression token to perform a free move action" I.e. must the move action from compel always be the first action of the unit's activation?
  5. Hi, have seen your answer to the previous question: It seems the answer directly conflicts with the example explicitly given in the RR regarding the Spur keyword (pg 75). "For example, a unit that normally has a maximum speed of 1, but has 1 immobilize token, can use the spur keyword to perform a move with a total maximum speed of 1. However, a unit that normally has a maximum speed of 1, but has 2 immobilize tokens, cannot use the spur keyword to perform a move because its maximum speed would still be 0." Request for your clarification and reconciliation of the above please, and what are the intents of each rule.
  6. From the rrg: When the combined unit suffers wounds, any mini can be assigned any number of those wounds, as decided by the player that controls that unit, regardless of whether the attacking unit has line of sight to that mini. » A counterpart mini must be defeated before a non-counterpart mini. I would like to confirm, this means e.g. r2d2 can suffer wounds, and c3p0 can suffer a wound, until each has 1 health remaining. Then, c3p0 must be defeated. Then r2d2 can be defeated. Correct procedure? So i can keep c3p0 alive until r2d2 is down to 1 health? So the unit with counterparts does not follow the same rules of suffering wounds as per other multi-mini units?
  7. Can Del Meeko Repair Iden's ID10, if ID10 is defeated and Iden is still on the field? Iden unit card is trooper type but ID10 is a droid trooper.
  8. Can force guidance give a surge token to the force user that it is on? I.e. Vader uses force guidance to give himself and a friendly unit at range 1-2 a surge token
  9. Creature trooper is engaged by 2 or more trooper units. Can the creature trooper withdraw from the engagement?
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