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  1. That was the post I was referring to for them still being able to use them, but doesn't clarify if they are taken away at the end of the round or not
  2. Do Winging It tokens get removed at the end of the round if Star Lord is KO'd? I am assuming yes, but wanted to clarify as once he is off the board his leadership is no longer in effect and so I don't know if the part saying "at the end of the round, remove all Winging It tokens from characters" triggers or not. I know it was ruled previously that once he is KO'd a token carried by someone else can still be used, but it didn't clarify if they get removed or not.
  3. Fully aware that core box isn't out yet, but doing some theory crafting and have a very specific timings question: Can Ultron, Metal Tyrant's grunts generate in the middle of an allied terrain throw? Rules on terrain throws state: "When a character throws a terrain feature, the terrain feature is destroyed and removed from the battlefield. Then the character's controller positions the movement tool with one end touching the character performing the throw...The first terrain feature or character contacted or overlapped by the movement tool suffers the effects of a collision with the thrown terrain feature" Ultron's superpower for creating grunts (currently) reads: Innate: "When a terrain feature is destroyed by an allied effect, if there is not an allied Ultron Drones in play, you may place an Ultron Drones into play within R3 of this character" So my current wondering is would it play out like this? No grunts on battlefield I throw terrain It is destroyed -- sub routine, generate grunts -- place grunts Place movement tool and finish throw Or does the throw have to continue through to completion, and then the innate triggers? Thanks!
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