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Fully aware that core box isn't out yet, but doing some theory crafting and have a very specific timings question: Can Ultron, Metal Tyrant's grunts generate in the middle of an allied terrain throw?

Rules on terrain throws state:

"When a character throws a terrain feature, the terrain feature is destroyed and removed from the battlefield. Then the character's controller positions the movement tool with one end touching the character performing the throw...The first terrain feature or character contacted or overlapped by the movement tool suffers the effects of a collision with the thrown terrain feature"

Ultron's superpower for creating grunts (currently) reads: Innate: "When a terrain feature is destroyed by an allied effect, if there is not an allied Ultron Drones in play, you may place an Ultron Drones into play within R3 of this character"

So my current wondering is would it play out like this?

No grunts on battlefield
I throw terrain
It is destroyed
 -- sub routine, generate grunts
 -- place grunts
Place movement tool and finish throw

Or does the throw have to continue through to completion, and then the innate triggers?


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When Ultrons Grunts are not in play and he uses Kinetic Field Generator to throw a terrain, when do the grunts return and do they get to activate?

We played it last night as, pay the power, pick a terrain and it's destroyed as being thrown. Then the grunts return because a terrain was broken. The grunts have a stagger and its their parent characters activation so they need to activate, shake stagger, shoot gun, resolve throw. Throw building into the grunts killing them and then they explode. 


This seems confusing to have these hanging effects waiting to go off tho and didn't feel right.



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Hello there, a player in my local meta recently posed the following question regarding ultron's I will create a better age ability. 

regarding the timing of Ultron Tyrant’s Kinetic Field Generator and I Will Create a Better Age? For example, if I’m playing Convocation and don’t have Ultron Drones in play: could I use Ultron, Metal Tyrant's Kinetic Field Generator to throw a piece of terrain, upon destruction but before the throw* I trigger I will create a better age to make a drone, then “throw” the terrain at the new drone, the drone gets KO’d, and I get Iron Bound Books back.

Regarding the timing in the core rules it says that when a superpower that throws a piece of terrain is used the terrain is destroyed first. This would in theory trigger ultron's I will create a better age ability allowing him to summon the Ultron grunts if they are not already present on the table.

Is this the correct interpretation of this interaction? 

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I have removed multiple follow up questions as they all asked the same question.



Does KOing the Ultron Grunts with a thrown terrain feature allow them to come back when the throw has been resolved?


When resolving a Throw, the check to see if the Ultron Drones are in play is when destroying the terrain feature, before the rest of the throw resolves.

If they are on the battlefield before the terrain feature is destroyed, they will not be returned to the battlefield after the effect resolves. 

This will be made clearer in the future. 

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