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Just curious how to resolve either of these command cards if the order token is not already assigned to the unit or in the order pool. 


this can occur if the order token is on a card, such as Ploy or Voracious ambition.

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An order face-down on a command card, such as those placed using the Ploy and Voracious Ambition command card effects, are not in the order pool and cannot be drawn from an order pool. Therefore, if the Incapacitate command card targets a unit type which has no matching order token in their order pool, there will be no eligible token to which to assign them face-down and no further effect.

Emperor Palpatine's Give In to Your Anger command card states that his opponent must activate the targeted unit. To facilitate this, if the only available order token matching that unit's type is on a command card, remove that order token from the command card and assign it to the unit. 

Hope this helps,

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