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Trust Goes Both Ways and Bounced Orders

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Hello there!

If Jyn issues an order to a unit with a comms relay or another way to re-issue the order, does the comms relay unit or the new unit receiving the order gain Teamwork: Jyn Erso? Card text reads "When Jyn Erso issues an order to another friendly trooper unit, that unit gains Teamwork: Jyn Erso".

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When a unit uses the Comms Relay upgrade card to choose a unit at range 1-2 & issue it an order, the unit with the Comms Relay upgrade card is the unit issuing the new order.

Neither the original target of the order (the unit with Comms Relay equipped), nor the unit that receives an order instead, has been issued an order by Jyn Erso, and neither will receive Teamwork as a result of the Trust Goes Both Ways command card.

Hope this helps,

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