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If Anakin was in melee, and he has the relentless ability activated,  during Cody's "Combined Arms" card and Anakin is range 1 from the attacking vehicle, can he move the speed 1 from the melee, and trigger relentless either with saber throw or another melee attack into another unit?

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An engaged unit may not perform moves. An ability that provides a move, such as Clone Commander Cody's Combined Arms command card, will not allow a friendly unit to perform a speed-1 move if engaged.

Also, note, that Clone Commander Cody's Combined Arms command card only allows a Clone Trooper unit to perform the speed-1 move.

Anakin Skywalker will have to perform a withdraw during his own activation in order to leave the melee. He is not a clone trooper unit and will not benefit from the effect. And even if he could, a speed-1 move will not allow him to perform a move while engaged.

Hope this helps,

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