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Aid, Secret Ingredients, and Multiple Tokens

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If Logray used Aid to pass out multiple tokens gained all at once from Secret Ingredients (or another source that gives multiple tokens at once like Master Storyteller), does each token trigger Aid seperately? 

For instance, if Logray gets 2 tokens and wants to give them out with Aid, can I choose to give the tokens to multiple units or do they all have to go to one unit?  Will Logray end up gaining 1 or 2 suppression total (and optionally removing 1 or 2 suppression because of Secret Ingredients)?

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Refer to this related post:


To adapt this answer to your particular scenario:

Logray may use Aid more than once to give a token to a unit; if doing so, each instance may indeed be to a separate eligible friendly unit. Each instance of Aid will (or rather, would) result in 1 suppression token being assigned to Logray, which is then reduced with the Secret Ingredients upgrade card.

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