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Fuel leak and Rebel Chewbacca/Beskar Reinforced Plating/Impervium Plating

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I have a question about how the fuel leak damage card interacts with cards such as  Rebel Chewbacca/Beskar Plating and Impervium plating.

Per this ruling, even if a ship turns a card facedown/discards a faceup card, it is still treated as suffering a critical damage: 

Fuel leak reads “after you suffer a ‘critical’ damage, suffer one ‘regular’ damage and repair this card.

If a ship with a faceup fuel leak card suffers critical damage but uses chewbacca/Beskar/impervium on a subsequent critical damage to turn it facedown or discard, would they still suffer the effects of the fuel leak, because they are still considered to have suffered critical damage?

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Yes, The critical damage has still been suffered. Being dealt a card faceup is a consequence of suffering a critical damage and not having any active shields charges remaining. Chewbacca/Beskar/Impervium all trigger from being dealt a face up damage card and only modify how that card is dealt (or not dealt in some cases) and do not change the fact that a critical damage was suffered initially. As a result they still must resolve the effect of the fuel leak even if a ability is used to change how the face up card was dealt, just like fuel leak must be resolved even if you suffer a critical damage to shields and no card was dealt (while this is rare it can occur due to abilities that allow shields to be recovered).

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