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Have a question about upgrade for AAT (T-series droid pilot) in Invasion BF. 
There is not no restriction to include it in list, but we have point: The Field Commander keyword cannot be used in a Separatist Invasion army.

So my questions:
Is it allowed to take this upgrade for tank? if yes, how combine it with "Orbital Strike" command card? 

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You may include upgrade cards with the Field Commander keyword in the Separatist Invasion battle force. The keyword cannot be used for any of its normal effects - such as issuing orders with a command card during the game, or allowing you to ignore the commander requirement when list-building.

You may play the Orbital Strike command card. The AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank with the T-series Tactical Droid Pilot upgrade card has the printed Field Commander keyword and may be nominated with the special effects of the card.

Hope this helps,

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