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Hyperspace Migration and Purrgil Movement "Towards" Vertical Movement

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When moving a Purrgil along the center of the range ruler towards the opposite objective token, can you select a position blocked by a ship or squadron, placing the Purrgil touching the center of the ruler vertically, and continue to do so in order to move the Purrgil repeatedly "vertically" towards the opposite long board edge rather than "horizontally" towards the opposite short edge as seems intended?

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Hello, thank you for the question.

You can only select a position blocked by a ship or squadron if no other valid locations exist.
From page 13 of the RRG, Token Movement Topic, Toward subtopic, 2nd bullet point:


If the player moving the obstacle attempts to place it in an invalid location, if valid locations exist, the player must place the obstacle in such a valid location.

Furthermore, based on the 3rd bullet point:


Such an obstacle or token must be placed as close as possible to the component that it is moving towards.

And based on this ruling;

the obstacle's center cannot be placed beyond the center of the tool while resolving a towards effect.

If the obstacle's center cannot, in any location, be placed on the center of the the tool, place it as close a possible. However if any location exists where the center of the obstacle can be placed on the center of the tool it must be placed there.

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