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Hi there,

An ability that provides a move of a specified speed is not affected by game effects that reduce speed, such as difficult terrain or immobilize tokens. However, a unit with a maximum speed of 0 and one or more immobilize tokens, cannot perform moves of any kind. This has been summarized elsewhere.


49 minutes ago, TXBigfoot said:

For example; could 1 immobilization token cancel a speed-1 move given by a command card?

If the unit's maximum speed is 0 and it has one or more immobilize tokens, it cannot perform moves of any kind. This can occur if a speed-1 unit is has one or more immobilize tokens assigned to it. If the unit in this example is speed-2 or speed-3, it can still perform moves while it has only one immobilize token, and so may perform such a speed-1 move; the speed of that move will not be reduced by an immobilize token.

Hope this helps,

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