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CIS Rogue-class and Independent Calculations

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If a CIS squad has both Cad Bane and one or more other Rogue-class Starfighters, which of the following would apply in regards to Independent Calculations:

  • The other Rogue-class Starfighters equip it, but not Cad
  • Would Cad not be able to be taken with other Rogue-class if they have Independent Calculations equipped
  • None of them can take it

From the current rules reference



Some upgrade cards have the standardized restriction. During squad building, if a player selects a ship with a standardized card equipped, each ship of that ship type (i.e., full ship name) in that player's squad must be equipped with a copy of that standardized card.



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CIS Rogue-class Starfighters that have the Networked Calculations ship ability are able to equip Independent Calculations, even if •Cad Bane (Rogue-class Starfighter) is included in the same squad. Since •Cad Bane (Rogue-class Starfighter) does not have the Networked Calculations ship ability, he is not eligible to equip the upgrade - but this does not stop the ships that do meet that requirement from taking advantage of this option.

This will be made clear in a future RRG update.

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