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Cad Bane Separatists and Network Calculations

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I was wondering how Cad Bane Rogue Class Separatist interacts with the standardized upgrade Independent Calculations? The rules state he MUST equip it if one Rogue class has it, but he doesn't meet the requirements to equip it.

Does that mean:

a) He equips it but can't use it

b) He can't equip it but other rogue's can

c) No rogue class can equip it while Cad Bane is selected.



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Your obtion "b".

CIS Rogue-class Starfighters that have the Networked Calculations ship ability are able to equip Independent Calculations, even if •Cad Bane (Rogue-class Starfighter) is included in the same squad. Since •Cad Bane (Rogue-class Starfighter) does not have the Networked Calculations ship ability, he is not eligible to equip the upgrade - but this does not stop the ships that do meet that requirement from taking advantage of this option.

This will be made clear in a future RRG update.

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