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Stressed Tycho and enemy overlap focus

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Tycho Celchu, Rebel Rz-1 a-wing states:

While you have 2 or fewer stress tokens, you may perform actions, even while stressed.” 

The rules reference states:  “If the overlapped ship was an enemy ship, if it is not stressed, it may immediately perform a focus or calculate action from its action bar, treating the action as red. Then the ship skips its Perform Action step.”

If Tycho overlaps an enemy ship while stressed, is he able to perform a red focus? 

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No, If Tycho is stressed and exclusively overlaps enemy ships during his maneuver, he is not able to perform the red focus action.

Tycho's ability allows a player to ignore the "A ship cannot perform actions while stressed." (RRG 1.4.4 Page 3 under Actions) but it does not remove the requirement of the overlap ability, that the ship "is not stressed", that requirement is a true/false check, and if Tycho is stressed it is false.

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