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Hello, Dwit,

Gunslinger reads:


When a unit with the Gunslinger keyword reaches the Declare
Additional Defender step, it may declare an additional defender
and create an attack pool consisting solely of a weapon that has
already been contributed to another attack pool. The Gunslinger
keyword can only be used once per attack sequence. 

The final step of the attack sequence, Choose Additional Attack Pool, reads (emphasis mine):


After resolving steps 1–10 of the attack sequence, if the
attacking unit still has attack pools to resolve, the attacking
player chooses another attack pool to resolve against a
defending unit, performing an attack against it by repeating
steps 4–11 of the attack sequence.

Once all of an attacking unit’s attack pools have been resolved,
the attack action ends. 

Up Close and Personal reads (emphasis mine):


After you perform a ranged attack at range 1-2, gain 1 Dodge token

An attack is resolved against each declared defender. Multiple Dodge tokens may be gained by the attacking unit in both of your examples, after each attack is resolved, provided those attacks were ranged attacks and targeting a defender at range 1-2.

Hope this helps,

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