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Speeder X Units Capped at Height X?

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The Speeder X entry states, in part, “While it is performing a move, a unit that has the Speeder X keyword can move over or end its movement on terrain equal to or less than height X.”

If a unit has Speeder 1, that would mean it cannot end its movement or be placed on terrain that is height 2, correct?  Would that be true regardless of whether the unit was able to reach height 2 by moving up on to height 1 terrain with its first move then moving up height 1 again with its second move?

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As stated under Terrain Height: 


When determining the height of the terrain for the purposes of performing a movement or a climb, measure the height of the part of the terrain the miniatures are moving or climbing to, subtracting the height of any terrain the miniatures may be on.

A unit with Speeder 1 may move over terrain equal to or less than Height 1, as determined from its present level.

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