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Death Trooper interactions with other cards

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I am looking at interactions with Death Troopers (Imperial Crew):
"During the Activation Phase, enemy ships at range 0-1 cannot remove stress tokens."

I performed a search on these forums and the reference documents on the AMG XWing website.
As far as I can see, there are a few cards referencing Stress that are Replacement Effects that have the words noted in the rules reference "would" and "instead" (such as Seventh Sister Imperial Crew, "If an enemy ship at range 0-1 would gain a stress token, you may spend 1 Force to have it gain 1 jam or tractor token instead."), where the effect being Replaced is considered to have never happened (in the Seventh Sister case, the Stress never has happened because of the Replacement with a Jam/Tractor, and so the Death Troopers can not force a ship to hold their Stress).

However, the following are those that I am not sure fall under the Replacement Effect ruling due to timing of effects/choices:
Aftab Akbar (Resistance Pilot, "After you execute a red basic maneuver or perform a red action, if you have exactly 1 stress token, you may gain 1 strain token to remove that stress token.")
Anakin Skywalker (Republic pilots, "After you fully execute a maneuver, if there is an enemy ship in your Front Arc at range 0-1 or in your Bullseye, you may spend 1 Force to remove 1 stress token.")
Jek Porkins (Rebel Pilot, "After you receive a stress token, you may roll 1 attack die to remove it. On a Hit result, suffer 1  damage.")
Nien Nunb (Resistance Pilot, "After you gain a stress token, if there is an enemy ship in your Front Arc at range 0-1, you may remove that stress token.")
Volan Das (Separatist pilot, "After you fully execute a red maneuver, you may choose an enemy ship at range 1. The chosen ship gains 1 strain token and you may remove 1 stress token.")
Hera Syndulla (Rebel Crew, "You can execute red maneuvers even while stressed. After you fully execute a red maneuver, if you have 3 or more stress tokens, remove 1 stress token and suffer 1  damage.")

I am seeking clarification as to how these would be ruled.

From what I see, the following looks to me to be correct if they are stuck in the Death Trooper effective range:
- Anakin, Volan and Hera would NOT be able to remove their stress as gaining stress happens as part of Fully Executing a Manoeuvre, and so they will already have gained the Stress prior to being able to have the option to remove it
--- In addition to this, if they can not lose stress, I am uncertain that Volan Das can pass a strain to the opponent because he cannot lose the stress as part of the ability (it is in the same sentence and, to me, reads as if they must both occur as part of the effect).
- Aftab is a little unusual... I think that when he performs a Red Action, he must pay the cost of gaining one Stress prior to performing the action, meaning that he can not remove that Stress as he gained it before completing the action and getting to the opportunity to lose it. It is not fully clear as to what is meant by "After you execute a red basic manoeuvre..." because it lacks the word "fully" in front of "execute", but I feel 99% like this falls in the same boat as above.
- Porkins and Nien... I think that, as they are not specified to be Replacing the Stress with the "would/instead" keywords, they too keep the Stress... though I am less sure on this because of possible timing issues.

Thanks for your time in advance 🙂

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Assuming all conditions are met (eg that the enemy is at range 0 or 1 of the ship with Death troopers) they are unable to remove their stress tokens and thus are unable to use any ability which would allow stress tokens to be removed (eg Anakin, Jek and Nien).

Volan is a slightly different in that part of their ability is "may remove" which means optionally. As a result Volan is still able to give out the strain token to the enemy ship, however they would be unable to remove the stress token as part of the ability because the Cannot will override the may condition.

Aftab cannot use their pilot ability if they are at range 0-1 of the ship with Death Troopers at the time it would trigger because ships can only pay costs if the effect can be resolved, and since you are unable to remove the stress token it means the effect cannot be resolved, thus you cannot gain the strain token.


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