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Emergency stims and bounty

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Hi! How would stims and bounty interract?

2 examples:

1) I have emergency stims on Han Solo who was nominated for bounty by Cad Bane. Han only has 2 health remaining and then gets attacked for 2 from Cad, then Han activates the stims preventing 2 wounds by placing on the card. At the end of the next Han's activation - he is defeated. Will Cad gain bounty?

2) Same situation, but after Han has activated stims, Stormtroopers unit delt 2 more wounds to him. Will Cad gain bonty?


During an attack, when you would suffer wounds, prevent up to 2 wounds and place an equal number of wound tokens on this card instead. If you do, at the end of your next activation, discard each token on this card and suffer wounds equal to the number of tokens discarded.

According to the stims wording - wounds are preventing by stims, and then "suffer" from the stims card . There's only source of those wounds - stims card, so no trigger for bounty ability, and no VP for that. Is that correct?


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If a unit is defeated by suffering wounds from the Emergency Stims upgrade card, it has not been defeated by the effects of a unit with the Bounty keyword.

In neither example will Cad Bane receive a victory token for defeating Han Solo.

Hope this helps,

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