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  1. If you reveal a red maneuver while stressed, and are forced to move the white 2 speed straight maneuver instead. If you have R4 Astromech does the 2 white straight become blue? R4 Astromech: Decrease the difficulty of your 1-2 speed basic maneuvers (left turn, left bank, straight, right bank, right turn).
  2. I'm curious about the interaction of the Hull Upgrade modification and Tel Trevura's Pilot Ability. The ability states: If you would be destroyed, you may spend 1 charge . If you do, discard all of your damage cards, suffer 5 hit damage, and place yourself in reserves instead. At the start of the next Planning Phase, place yourself within range 1 of your player edge. Hull Upgrade increases the hull value by 1 If Tel Trevura would be destroyed, you pay the charge, and you assign 5 face down damage cards would there be 2 hull points remaining, since the hull upgrade is still equipped and the modified hull value was originally 7? I don't know of any rule where the modification would be nullified because of this ability.
  3. If a Nantex equiped with "Veteran Wing Leader" command upgrade tractors himself via pin-point tractor array is he forced to split from the wing 1. The leader Barrel Rolls/Boosts via being self tractored 2. The leader tractors himself but does not reposition Additionally, If a Nantex Wingmate tractors himself to rotate his turret but does not reposition is he forced to split from the wing I am typically a rules as written type of player and the rules seem to read this way but since the self tractoring works more like a costed barrel roll or boost from the wing leader it seems like an oversight. It makes sense that they couldn't reposition after the wing has moved which fit within the rules and concept of the Wing, but as written the wing would break every time they try to rotate their turret, which seems to go against the purpose of the Veteran Wing Leader Command Upgrade, which is currently a legal upgrade for the Nantex.
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