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  1. Thanks! Please see below more details on the third question: The Nantex gives the tractor token to the opponent with Ensnare, and decides that the ship will barrel roll to the right, and then move to the front of the 1 template as part of the barrel roll. Then the opponent chooses to take a stress to rotate 90° left for example. does he line up the front pins of the base to the template that was used for the boost and thus loses his forward movement that happened during the barrel roll? Or does he just put a 1 template next to the new position and rotates 90° there? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I don't remember the opponent's exact list, but the 2 Nantex he was using could tractor themselves to rotate their turret. As a result they could boost or barrel roll. But they also gained a stress token to rotate the ship 90° or 180°. As I understand it, first of all they can only do this if the opponent tractored them, not if they tractored themselves. Is this correct? But also even if it was an opponent that tractored them they could rotate 90° right or left, but never 180°. Is this correct? If the 90° rotation is done after a barrel roll slide, will it follow the barrel roll new position or the front/back pegs as usual? Finally they used Ensnare to pass the token to someone else after all that, is that the way Ensnare works so that 2 ships are tractored in a row? This sounds correct and I am guessing that because it was passed to an opponent, the opponent will barrel roll or boost and then will have the possibility to do a 90° rotation by gaining a stress. Sorry it is a lot of questions and I know that it is limited usually to one question, but since it is one same topic I thought it would be ok to put all the questions together. Thank you!
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