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  1. Does Axe’s “spend token effect” to reduce damage on a friendly unique squadron trigger Lumiara’s (Commander) ability?
  2. Hi, this has 2 parts: 1. If my objective squadron has swarm, and I have Reserve Hanger Decks, can I use them on the objective ship, now that it is part of my fleet? 2. Would my opponent only be able to score it only when I can no longer use RHD to bring it back?
  3. Can her effect trigger if a defending cannot spend tokens? E.G. Dagger or Saber squads are unique but don’t have tokens to spend.
  4. The Tranquility title allows you to move shields to a new zone and have the max shield level go above the printed maximum. The card says you cannot regain shields in another zone while the level is higher, but can you use projection experts to send shields to another zone? It’s seems to be allowable, as that was the FAQ ruling with the Aspiration title which has a similar effect.
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