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Welcome to the Star Wars: X-Wing Rules Forum

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Welcome everyone!

Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to Star Wars: X-Wing rules here. There are no card images or external links allowed in posts or profiles on this forum. Any post containing an external link or mentioning an external source will be removed.

Please try the search function before asking a rules question.

Any topic made that is not a rules question will be deleted without consideration and you will receive a warning. Should you continue to receive warnings you will be banned from the forums.

When asking rules questions please be clear about your question listing the name of all relevant rules without using nick names, abbreviations, or slang. Make sure to only ask ONE  rules question per thread. Create a new thread for each question.

Once a thread receives the correct answer, it will be locked.

@Kris M and @Tim H are our moderators for this forum, and will answering many of your questions.  They are both extremely well-versed in Star Wars: X-Wingand we are excited to have them on board.  The Development team are working very closely with both Kris and Dee to resolve all rules questions, so their posts here have our stamp of approval as official rulings. Tournament organizers and tournament judges should familiarize themselves with these rulings. Sometimes a ruling will be made that corrects an oversight in the official Rules Reference, if so, this will be explicitly stated in the ruling and said ruling will supersede the Rules Reference in authority. These rulings will be removed once the Rules Reference is updated. Rulings will also be removed if the ruling changes. 


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