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I’m struggling to understand how this ship moves when it stops.

so you dial the red stop move But you do a sideslip using the 1 bank instead 

that part I understand it’s this next bit 


do you or do t you flip the card to the up position? Because it says “after you execute that manoeuvre, you must flip swivel wing (down)”


that “(down)” is confusing me, are the up or down?s


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The Swivel Wing (Configuration) upgrade has two sides:

  • Swivel Wing [Down]
  • Swivel Wing [Up]

If Captain Hark has the Swivel Wing upgrade equipped with the [Down] side showing and reveals a stationary maneuver, he must execute a sideslip maneuver using the 1-bank template instead. After executing the sideslip maneuver,  you must flip the Swivel Wing card so that the [Up] side is showing.

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