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  1. No, Zorii Bliss can only perform the initial action.
  2. No, the Customized, Modified and Scavenged YT-1300 ships are all variations of a YT-1300 freighter, whereas the the BTL-B, BTA-NR2 & BTL-A4 Y-Wings are different ships altogether. The same would go for T-65 & T-70 X-Wings, RZ-1 & RZ-2 A-Wings
  3. No, as per the Rules Reference Guide under Remotes: If a remote does not have any arcs, a ship cannot be in or outside of any of that remote’s arcs.
  4. The attack range is determined by measuring range from the closest point of the attacker to the closest point of the defender that is in the attack arc. When measuring out of one of the side arc, the closest point would be the plastic ship base.
  5. The huge ship damage deck contains Crew and Ship damage cards. As a reminder, there are no card images or external links allowed in posts.
  6. When a fused obstacle would be removed, one fuse marker is removed from that obstacle instead, and that obstacle is not removed, this is still the case should a huge ship overlap an Electro-Chaff Cloud
  7. The end of the round occurs during the End Phase, after Step 4, but before the criteria for winning the game are checked.
  8. Stress is removed during the Check Difficulty step of a maneuver (Step 2). In this example, Countess Ryad would have revealed the blue maneuver, but in choosing to execute it as a Koiogran Turn maneuver instead, would have increased the difficulty to white, leaving her with the stress token she began with. As outlined in the Rules Reference Guide under Maneuver: A ship can execute a maneuver by resolving the following steps in order: 1. Maneuver Ship: During this step, the ship moves using the matching template. a. Take the template that matches the maneuver from the supply. b. Set the template between the ship’s front guides (so that it is flush against the base). c. Pick up and place the ship at the opposite end of the template and slide the rear guides of the ship into the template. d. Return the template to the supply. 2. Check Difficulty: During this step, if the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token; if the maneuver is blue, the ship removes one stress token and one strain token and one deplete token.
  9. Mines detonate before Feedback Ping can trigger, specifically between the Maneuver Ship and Check Difficulty steps.
  10. Not in official tournament play, but there's nothing stopping you from using it in casual play. I would recommed talking to your opponent fist to see if they're happy for it to be used first though as it's not an obstacle that's commonly seen.
  11. Yes, as the guides count when determining if a ship overlaps or not, if you tried to Rotate and the guides would overlap the ship base, you would not be able to Rotate.
  12. Exposing a damage card does not count as dealing a damage card and therefore would not trigger Impervium Plating (Modification)
  13. No, Deadman's Switch (Illicit) doesn't damage remotes.
  14. No, you cannot choose to fail a Jam action. As the Enhanced Jamming Suite (Configuration) allows you to choose yourself or another friendly ship while jamming, should no other viable targets be available, you would need to jam yourself.
  15. Posts in the Rules Reference Correction thread supercede the existing Rules Reference: As per the top post in the thread: This thread contains official corrections to the current version of the Star Wars: X-Wing Rules Reference. These corrections supersede the authority of the Rules Reference. These corrections will be deleted whenever the Rule Reference is updated.
  16. Yes, ionized ships can still drop or launch a device during the System Phase
  17. No, Advanced Sensors (sensor) allows you to perform 1 action after you reveal your dial. If you do, you cannot perform another action during your activation. If a card ability uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other effects.
  18. No, a jammed ship removes either a green token or breaks one of it's locks. While the enemy lock token may be 'your token', it is not 'your lock'
  19. Thane Kyrell's (T-65 X-Wing) pilot ability allows him to spend 1 Focus, hit, or ciritcal hit result to look at the defender’s facedown damage cards, choose 1, and expose it. As spending a die result is a dice modification this would happen in the Modify Attack Dice step of an attack (step 2b).
  20. No, while both the Tie/Se ship ability and dropping Thermal Detonators are system phase abilities, and enter the ability queue at the same time. The Tie/se does not have any abilities that trigger after dropping a device. Daredevil (Talent) requires the ship to have a white boost on it's action bar. The Tie/se Bombers have a red boost, which don't meet the requirement to equip the Daredevil without finding a way of adding the white boost to the action bar, such as the Engine Upgrade (Modification) card.
  21. No. Precognitive Reflexes allows you to perform one action after you reveal your dial. If you do, you cannot perform another action during your activation.
  22. The action is white. From the Rules Reference: Q: If the difficulty of an action is not stated (such as Lando Calrissian's [Rebel, crew] unique action or the coordinate action “Vizier” [TIE Reaper] can perform as part of its pilot ability), what is the difficulty of that action? A: White. However, note that if a ship is instructed to perform an action “on its action bar” this way, it uses the difficulty of the action on its action bar.
  23. Yes, the boost granted by BB-8 would trigger the Intuitive Interface ability if Engine Upgrade was equipped as the boost action has been added by the modification upgrade card. It would also trigger if Expert Handling was equipped and the ship performed a barrel roll.
  24. 1a) Check with your individual TO 1b) Check with your individual TO or use the replacements found in the errata document online 1c) The errata bases provided for printing are a potential solution to solve the problem, but are not the only solution. cutting out the name and ship icon and glueing them to a spare ship token is another possibility 2) There have not been any official announcements about replacement parts 3) Kylo Ren (TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor) has both the light side and dark side keywords, this will be corrected in an upcoming points document A gentle reminder that we ask you try and limit your questions to one per post. Related questions are fine, but posts with multiple unrelated questions will be deleted without warning.
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