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Scenario - Round 1, Boil is the hostage carrier, and an enemy is attacking a friendly trooper at range 1 of Boil

Question - If/When Boil uses guardian during an attack against a friendly trooper, as the hostage carrier, is Boil eligible to take damage from failing the save.

Secondary Question - while using guardian, as the hostage carrier, is Boil eligible to be affected by effects such as pierce or poison?

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The Guardian X keyword is not an enemy effect. A unit with Immune: Enemy Effects keyword can suffer wounds as a result of using its Guardian keyword.

The unit containing Boil may indeed use its Guardian 1 keyword during round 1 while it has the Hostage upgrade card equipped. It will still suffer wounds as normal.

Note that Pierce X is an enemy effect, and cannot be used to cancel Boil’s defense dice rolled using Guardian in this scenario. Poison X is also an enemy effect and no poison token would be applied if a wound is suffered by the unit using Guardian.

Hope this helps,

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