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Core Rules vs Unit/Special Rules

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Do Unit or special rules override core rules?  I suspect the intent is for them to do so, but I cannot find anything in the core rules that allow them to. 

What I could find is this, from a Snips bubble: "Special rules are any game rules that are not detailed in the core rules of the game."

I ask because General Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Knowledge and Defense" Identity ability states that, "Allied Units do not lose their [Hunker token(s)] when they become Engaged and can gain and have [Hunter token(s)] while they are Engaged."  If special rules are purely an extension of the core rules, and the core rules state that, "In any instance where these effects {"cannot" vs "can"} apply to the same character or Unit at the same time, the "cannot" overrides the "can", then the Hunker Token rule that states, "A unit that is Engaged cannot gain or have Hunker tokens," would overrule the General Obi-Wan's Identity ability; would it not?

I really appreciate the time and assistance used to help add clarity to this!

If there is something I have missed in the core rules that already addresses this, I apologize for complicating something that has already been explained and that I have missed.

All the best!

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