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Figure Sculpt Choice for Squads

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Does it matter what figure is used for a squad so long as the named weapons are correct? For example, in the Rebel Troopers squad the DLT-20A Rebel Trooper is the only one specified - all the others are "Rebel Trooper". Could I use the SX-21 Rebel Trooper as one of my troopers, using the Rebel Trooper Spec Ops unit card? I ask because I'd like to be able to customize my squad to have some more of the aliens on the Rebel side.

In a similar line of questioning, the Rebel Trooper Captain could either be the default captain with the electrobinoculars or the Ishi Tib Rebel Captain, correct?

I realize a home game can allow whatever, but I'm not sure what the rules will be if stores start running game nights, etc. Thank you! 

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Generally speaking you should feel free to model your miniatures however you see fit - this is your squad after all!

There are no official event rules for Special Operations as its not really meant for "competitive" play - We highly suggest what builds the best story and narrative for your games and what you enjoy most.

Hobby on!

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