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Modify vs Re-rolls

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Looking for some clarification on the definition of dice modification vs re-rolls.

Taskmaster has an attack (Mnemonic Technique) which states "the target character cannot modify or re-roll dice in the defense roll during this attack".

Black Cat's Bad Luck superpower states "Characters cannot modify their attack dice when targeting this character with attacks"

So as re-rolls are not specifically stated in Black Cat's case, does that mean the attacker can re-roll? Are re-rolls considered modifications (re-rolls are under Step 9 Modify Dice in the timing charts)?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rerolls are considered modification.

Effects that change the face of the die are modification effects. This includes rerolls and effects like Pierce. 

These effects all fall under step 9 of the attack timing chart. 

These effects are different from effects that allow/force you to count a die face as a success or failure like Martial Artist and effects like Reality Gem that transform the die result into another. 

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