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Had a question come up about withdrawal. Operative Luke is engaged with a squad of stormtroopers and has a standby token. A squad of shore troopers are within a speed 2 move of Luke. The shore troopers take an aim action to shoot. Luke activates his standby to move from the stormtroopers to charge into the shore troopers, defeating 3. 

May the shore troopers withdraw? The thought process being that at the beginning of their activation they had 2 available actions but were not engaged. Now that the shores are engaged, they only have 1 action available. Because they have 1 action available are they allowed to withdraw from Luke? 

Thank you

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"To withdraw, a unit must spend all its available actions and can perform no other actions that activation." A unit may not withdraw after performing other actions, as they no longer satisfy the italicized portion of that quote from the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook.


On 1/13/2024 at 5:29 AM, Owen9285 said:

May the shore troopers withdraw?

No, they may not perform a withdraw after performing another action (in this instance, an Aim action).

Hope this helps,

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