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Free Actions after a move ending out of cohesion

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As described under Deploy Units, "If a unit is not in cohesion for whatever reason, its next action must be a move action that ends with all miniatures in cohesion." (emphasis mine)

A unit that is not presently in cohesion may perform no other actions, free or otherwise, unless that action is a move action to re-establish cohesion.


On 2/5/2024 at 7:56 PM, RC-D2 said:

Can a unit perform any free actions, such as steady, after performing a move in which the unit doesn’t end in cohesion? 

No, as this would be performing a free attack action - their next action must be a move action that ends with all miniatures in cohesion.

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Note, a prior post has been amended for consistency and to better reflect the language in the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook.

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