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Before damage is dealt vs. After this attack is resolved - who gets damage/power?

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Looking for some clarification on who gets power in what scenario based on Triggers in Hulk vs. The Immortal Hulk's attacks:

If Hulk Triggers his Throw from his Hulk Smash! attack: It states "before damage is dealt, this character may throw the target character (s)".

- Since this is before step 12, does the throw count as part of the attack instance? And if the thrown model collides with another enemy model triggering a dodge roll. Does the initial target get power for the Hulk Smash! attack damage and the collision (single point of damage)as well? And would the collided enemy model if the dodge roll failed also receive power?

If the Immortal Hulk Triggers his Throw from Smash: It states "after this attack is resolved.......throw (s)". 

- Since this is after step 12 in the attack timing chart, would power only be granted to the initial target based on the attack roll? The throw damage (single point of damage) and any other model impacted wouldn't generate power since it's after step 12 of the attack sequence?

Just trying to clarify for triggers like Throw, Explosion, etc, if they state "before damage is dealt" any and all impacted models get power if they suffer damage since the resolve is before step 12, and vice versa for triggers that state "after the attack is resolved" Throw, Explosion, Etc, are post step 12, so don't generate power for impacted models.

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