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This ruling specifics that Clone Trooper does not count as Clone and Trooper.

CC-2224 Clone Commander Cody has [Bring it down!] an ability that checks for Clone Trooper Supporting units, not supporting units that have Clone and Trooper tags.

Ewok Hunters have Ewok, Warrior.

Ewok Trappers have Ewok, Scout.

Logray has an ability [Inspiring Presence] which checks for Ewok Warrior and Ewok Scout.

It doesn't check for Ewok, Scout or Ewok, Warrior.

By this logic there's no units that qualify for Logray's ability.

Why does Logray's [Inspiring Presence] work for Ewok, Scout or Ewok, Warrior, but Plo Koon's [We Can Do This The Simple Way or The Difficult Way.] not work for Clone Trooper?

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