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  1. If each player has multiple characters with valid Leadership abilities for their squads affiliation, the player with priority declares their choice of Leadership first.
  2. Yes, that is correct. Note that you are not targeting them from a rules perspective though.
  3. "A character that Transforms is still the same character, so any effects, special conditions, or tokens on it remain when it Transforms.". This includes damage tokens. "A character that Transforms is still the same character..." Because they are the same character, their character cards will always be in sync in regards to being on the Healthy or Injured side of the card.
  4. Your affiliation needs to be picked during squad building, before choosing tactics cards. You are then only able to bring affiliation specific tactics cards that match your chosen affiliation(as well as unaffiliated cards). It is leadership, if you have multiple available, that can be chosen after deployment.
  5. Yes. The advance from Hypnosis Gas will resolve in step 14a of the attack. Tricks and Traps can trigger off the end of that advance and resolve immediately. The attack then continues, reaches 14b, where Toad can trigger and resolve Slippery(assuming he is not Dazed)
  6. The superpower is not limited to attacks only, it has several rules that affect different aspects of the game. It appears the point of contention is the part of the superpower that says "This character may modify and reroll failure dice results." This is providing the character permission to modify/reroll failure results, which is normally not available per the core rules of the game. This part of the rule is not actually providing you any rerolls though, it is only providing you permission to reroll failure results if you have another rule that provides rerolls. This means that nothing in this superpower itself provides the ability to reroll defense dice.
  7. The first sentence specifies the triggers and the second ties the effect to the triggering character but switches “advanced” to "moved" to encompass all movements. The result is still the same, however. Trick or Treat triggers only when a place or advance ends in range. Consider the use of "placed" here as reminder text.
  8. Correct, in this scenario Bleed damage occurs at the end of the activation, after the activated token is placed, meaning that But How!? will not prevent Bob, Agent of Hydra from being KO'd.
  9. King of the Inhumans can only be used once during each of your turns.
  10. 1. It sounds like your under the impression this is a format where four players play together in the same game. Four players can participate in the Draft portion of this format, but you still only play one player vs one player. So a four player Collector event would have two one vs one games. 2. Again, this sounds like your under the impression its more than two players in a game, which its not. 3. It sounds like you may believe you need your squad to have the exact threat level of the mission. Your squad can have a lower threat level than the mission, it just can't exceed the missions threat level. For the rest of this question, the forum isn't really meant for getting into the strategy of the game. 4. I believe this thread should answer this question -
  11. You will need to put the Normal form of the character into play.
  12. This one is correct. Doomed Prophecy adds dice to a characters physical attacks during Step 4 of the Appendix A timing sequence, but the Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath card changes the attack type to Mystic during Step 2 of the Appendix A timing sequence.
  13. Cyclops can use Quick Draw in that scenario because it checks for range to the attacker, which is still Magneto. Viper can not use Coiled Serpent in that scenario. This previous ruling is based on Martial Artist, but it shares similar wording to Coiled Serpent
  14. Yes, you can choose to not physically move the character. You will still have performed the advance though, regardless of whether or not the character physically moved.
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