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B1s "Well I guess I'm in charge now" clarification inquiry

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I was reading the ruling linked below and it didn't quite make sense to me based on rules as written and I'd like some clarification please.

The rules state "Each player may only have only one Unit Order Card in reserve at a time." B1s ability states  "When this Unit's Order Card would be placed in reserve, its controlling player may place it on the bottom of their Order Deck instead." So if you have a card in reserve and draw B1s when you would use their ability to put them on the bottom of the deck you are never violating the rule saying you can only have one card in reserve.

With the current wording I am unable to reconcile the ruling to the wording of the rules, as B1s never technically would have two Order cards in reserve and therefore rules as written it seems to me they should be able to use their ability even if a card is already in reserve.

You guys are so good at making clear rules that make sense that I felt the need to reach out for clarity here since this one piece doesn't add up in my brain. Thanks!

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On 3/8/2024 at 10:45 AM, dubloongoon said:

Each player may only have only one Unit Order Card in reserve at a time

This rule means that if a card is already in Reserve, you can't choose to pay a force to place another card into reserve.

Since you can't begin the process with the B1's, you can't reach the stage where their Unit Order Card "would be placed in reserve".

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