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Commandant Goran & Swarm Tactics

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Commandant Goran: "At the start of the Engagement Phase, choose a friendly ship at range 0-3 with a lower initiative than yours. The chosen ship gains 1 evade token and removes 1 non-stress red token."

Swarm Tactics: "At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1. If you do, that ship treats its initiative as equal to yours until the end of the round."

So my question is as follows: If I have an initiative 6 ship (for example, Ciena Ree) equipped with Swarm Tactics, and I use this at the beginning of the Engagement Phase to make Goran's Initiative 6, can he then use his pilot ability on any ship of initiative 5 or lower (say, Vult Skerris's initiative 5 TIE Interceptor)? 

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Yes, an initiative 6 ship equipped with Swarm Tactics could target Commandant Goran (TIE/in Interceptor), bringing their initiative up to 6 for the duration of the round. This would allow their pilot ability to target ships with an initiative of 5 or lower for the round.

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