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Player order vs initiative order

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Do abilities that enter the queue at beginning of engagement resolve based upon player order or initiative order?


for example: 0-0-0 on an initiative 6 vs Old Teroch. 0-0-0 is first player. Does he have to resolve 0-0-0 first thereby allowing second player to give him the calculate and then immediately strip it with Old Teroch? Or is it in initiative order and old teroch resolves first allowing calculate to stick?

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All "At the start of the Engagement Phase" abilities are resolved in player order.  Initiative is irrelevant.

"The ability queue is used to resolve the timing of multiple abilities that trigger during the same timing window. Abilities are resolved from the front of the queue to the back of the queue. These abilities are added to the back of the ability queue using the following rules:
1. If both players have abilities that triggered from the same event, the abilities are added to the ability queue in player order.

Note that the exception are abilities that resolve in the System Phase:

"The System Phase is the second phase of a round. During this phase, the sequence of play starts with the ship with the lowest initiative and continues in ascending order."

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