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So there's a part in the rulebook I'm confused on, and think is being misunderstood by some in my local community \

The defending character must be within Range (G) 1 of one or more terrain parts at the same or higher Elevation than the attacking character.

So let's say Vader has a hunker token, and is being shot at by some b1s. Between the two minis is a stack of barrels that only cover about 25% possibly 50% of the Vader mini.  There are those in my community who say that this doesn't grant cover to Vader because the terrian is not taller, or the same size as the Vader mini. Is this true? 

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Per page 16, fourth paragraph of the measurement section, Measurement is always to the base of the character, not the miniature. 

There is no check for how much of a miniature is obstructed by terrain features when determining Cover. If the bullets described on page 37 of the core rulebook are met, the character will gain Cover.

Given the description provided, it seems likely the character described will have Cover. If the character being attacked is within Range 1 of the stack of barrels and the barrels are at the same elevation as the character be attacked, it will meet all four requirements of gaining Cover from terrain. 

You may find the other topics on Cover interesting as well.


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