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Timing of Veteran Wing Leader damage redirection?

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Unlike cards like Selfless and Biggs Darklighter, Veteran Wing Leader and other wing leader cards don't appear to specify the timing, which would presumably default to dice modification.  Does it trigger during the Modify Attack Dice steps or is its timing like that of Selfless (before the Neutralize Results step)?

The reason I ask is, it matters quite a lot if you know the defense dice roll when making the decision.  On the wiki we were discussing it in the context of Stealth Device, but even without that, you really want to know if your defense roll will block out the damage before you have allies suffer damage.  (this is also the challenge Ruthless faces; you can hurt a buddy to max out your hits, but then the opponent rolls all natural evades, hah!)


BTW thank you for having this forum!  It's wonderful having a direct line of communication to ask these questions!

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Veteran Wing Leader resolves during the Neutralize Results step.

"• While: This term is often used in combination with multi-stepped game effects such as an attack, an action, or a maneuver. Although less specific than the other timings, this term is used to narrow down when the ability is resolved during the round. Additional verbiage is required to identify when exactly the effect is applied.
◊ For example, in the context of an attack, if the ability rolls additional attack dice, the ability triggers during the Roll Attack Dice step. If the ability modifies defense dice, the ability triggers during the Modify Defense Dice step."

Cancelling Hit or Critical results typically occurs during the Neutralize Results step, so this is also the proper timing for Veteran Wing Leader.

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