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Jake Farrell's Vectored Thrusters still works if he fails the boost?

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A big hello from Italy to all the new membesr and the team of AMG!

As per the title say, i was wondering if Jake Farrell's ability to allow a ship to perform a focus action, works even if he fails to complete the secondary boost granted by the vectored Thrusters ability. I saw many TO allowing  players to do that. My doubt is: performing an action is different from actually complete it? Also this sentence on the wiki made me doubt: " 

  • An effect that fails does not trigger any effects that would occur after a ship resolves that effect."

Can somebody show me where to check on the Rules Reference?

thanks in advance for all the clarification"


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No, Jake Farrell (RZ-1 A-Wing) must successfully perform a barrel roll or boost action in order to trigger his pilot ability.

This is governed by the rule you quoted, and is also related to: "If an action fails, since the action was not completed, that ship cannot perform a linked action."

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